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A Guide to Fertilizing Alfalfa Locked
A Guide to Fertilizing Apple Trees Locked
A Guide to Fertilizing Blueberries Locked
A Guide to Fertilizing Christmas Trees Locked
A Guide to Fertilizing Grapes Locked
A Guide to Fertilizing Raspberries and other Brambles Locked
A Guide to Interpreting Irrigation Water Analysis Locked
Alfalfa and Potassium
Artificial Soil Media Guidelines
A Guide to Soil Sampling
Area Calculations


Boron Basics


Calcium Basics
Calcium to Magnesium Ratio
Chlorine in Pool Water and Nearby Plants
Chloride Basics
Common Conditions That Promote Certain Weeds
Common Liming Terms
Continuous Corn: Can it Yield
Copper Sulfate Hoof Baths and Copper Toxicity in Soil
Copper and Manganese Soil Test Results
Copper Basics
Calculating Salt Index


End of Season Cornstalk N Test
Excess Nitrates in Drought Stressed Corn Locked


Factors Affecting Specific Gravity of Potatoes Locked
Fertilizer and Lime Applications
Fertilizing Landscape Plants


Gypsum Locked
Guidelines for Rates and Placement of Row Fertilizer for Corn Production


How to Read the Spectrum Analytic Soil Test Report


Iron Basics
Interpretation of Water Analysis for Livestock Suitability
Interpreting Lawn and Garden Soil Test Results
Is Magnesium a Hidden Problem in Your Area


Manure and Soil Organic Matter
Magnesium Basics
Manganese Basics
Molybdenum Basics


Nitrogen(N) Basics
Nitrogen Stratification in Liquid Manure Storage
Nutrient Uptake Process


Phosphorus (P) Basics
Phosphites and Phosphates
Plant Nutrients in Municipal Leaves
Potassium Basics
Presidedress Nitrate Nitrogen Test for Corn University Summary Locked
Presidedress Soil Nitrogen Test for Field Corn, Sweet Corn, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Pumpkins and Squash, and Onions.


Revisiting Corn Row Width and Population


Sulfur Basics
Soil Aluminum and Test Interpretation
Soil pH Management
Soil test P and K Buildup and Drawdown
Soybean Cyst Nematode Information
Soybean Growth - Nutrient Management
State Lime Specifications Locked
Soil pH and Buffer pH


The Relationship Between Nutrients and Other Elements to Plant Diseases Locked


Understanding CEC, Buffer soil pH, Percent Saturation


Water Solubility of Micronutrient Fertilizers Important and Often Overlooked Locked
Weather Effects on Corn Silage
What Do Ag Professionals Charge for Their Services
Wheat Stages of Growth, Their Significance to Yield and Plant Sampling
Why Labs Have Different Soil Test Results


Zinc Basics