Feed, Forage and Silage Analysis

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Why Test Feed?

Good nutrition is essential to producing the best profits from livestock, or simply the best care for other animals. Profitability for meat producers requires that the animals have the optimum weight gain, or reproduction rate for the dollars spent. Milk producers need the maximum production of high quality milk from the dollars spent on each cow. While many factors influence efficient livestock and dairy production, proper animal nutrition is one of the most basic factors. Producers must know the nutrient value of their feed or forage in order to produce the proper ration to the livestock.

Available Tests

Please refer to the information form for available tests.

Sampling Guide

To send a feed sample to Spectrum Analytic follow these intructions:

Preparation - Obtain a dry material kit, which contains plastic "Zip-Loc" bags. Fill a bag with sample no less than one-half full. Squeeze excess air from the bag and seal it. Complete the feed information form and write your sample number on the bag in permanent ink on the white panel of the sample bag.

Shipping - Pack the samples securely in a shipping box, in a way that will minimize shifting and the possibility of rupturing the container. We recom mend UPS, Fed Ex or USPS Priority Mail for fastest service.

Submittal Form

Use the following form when submitting feed samples.

Example Reports