Water Analysis

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Why Test Irrigation Water?

Irrigation water is more than H2O. It has a pH, plus it contains dissolved elements and compounds that can be either beneficial or detrimental to crop growth. These characteristics of irrigation water must be identified, understood, and managed properly for best crop and landscape production. In some situations, the irrigation water contains dissolved nutrients that may benefit the crop. This can reduce fertilizer costs. In a few areas, the irrigation water is so poor that it is unusable without some type of treatment. Testing irrigation water is the first step in developing the best management practices.

Tests Available

Please refer to the information form for available tests.

Sampling Guide

To send a irrigation water sample to Spectrum Analytic follow these intructions:

Preparation - Obtain a liquid sample bottle, or use a clean plastic bottle. Fill the container exactly one-half full of sample and tighten the cap securely. Complete the irrigation water form and write your sample number on the container in permanent ink.

Shipping - Pack the samples securely in a shipping box, in a way that will minimize shifting and the possibility of rupturing the container. We recommend UPS for faster service.

Submittal Form

Use the following form when submitting water samples.

Example Reports