Manure Analysis

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Why Test Manure?

Livestock and poultry producers have a valuable resource in the manure produced on their farm. However, the nutrient value of manure can vary considerably. Various government agencies, and other organizations provide lists of "typical" ranges of nutrient value for the different types of manure, but a producer should know the nutrient value of the manure that he is applying to his very valuable fields and crops. There is not a typical because of variations in feed rations, animals and handling of the manure. Under-estimating the nutrient value of manure leads to money wasted on fertilizer, and over-estimating the nutrient value leads to lower yields and profits. Also, more and more states are passing legislation regulating the excessive application of nutrients from manure and other sources, in order to reduce pollution.

Tests Available

Please refer to the submittal form below for available tests.

Sampling Guide

To send a manure sample to Spectrum Analytic follow these intructions:

For Dry Samples - Obtain a dry material kit, which contains plastic "Zip-Loc" bags. Fill a bag with sample no less than one-half full. Squeeze excess air from the bag and seal it. Complete the manure information form and write your sample number on the bag in permanent ink on the white panel of the sample bag.

For Wet Samples - It is very important that you obtain a wet material kit from Spectrum Analytic, which contains a plastic collapsible container. Many everyday containers are unsuitable for liquid manure and could rupture, resulting in spillage of the contents during transit. To avoid this, fill the container exactly one-half full of sample and tighten the cap securely. Complete the manure information form and write your sample number on the container in permanent ink.

Shipping - Pack the samples securely in a shipping box, in a way that will minimize shifting and the possibility of rupturing the container. We recommend UPS for faster service.

Submittal Form

Use the following form when submitting manure samples.

Example Reports